Carmel Cobble


The Carmel Cobble has a truly unique look. Imagine the possibilities as you create a magnificent entrance, alluring patio or pool area. Grand and elegant…Yes, but they are exceptionally durable and easy to maintain. Whatever your architectural look the Carmel Cobble by Pacific Interlock is the perfect choice.

Packaged for 10.5 foot diameter circle.

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Product Specification

Paver Style Dimensions Stones Per Sqft Stones Per Pallet Sqft Per Pallet
Carmel Cobble 60mm 0 x 0 x 0" 0 0 90


Tech Specs

Carmel Cobble Stones Spec Sheets

Packaged for 10.5 foot diameter circle. When the circle exceeds 10.5 feet, a mixture of Cobble Square and/or Antique Cobble are used for the additional rings. Each additional ring adds 10 inches to the diameter.



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